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Mr. Holidays Dancing The Roof Top Hop

Mr. Holidays Dancing The Roof Top Hop

                    As the mayor of Mr. Holidaysville…Mr. Holidays creates new traditions with Music, Song, Stories (illustrated books) & Dance for the entire family to cherish. He is best friend to all the holiday characters, and his love of all holiday traditions is to be enjoyed in celebration with new ways to inspire the holiday spirit from within. As he invites you into a world full of imagination and wonder you will enjoy both the old and the new all at the same time. Let Mr. Holidays introduce you to new holiday characters, as well as celebrating the traditional holiday characters with information only received by Mr. Holidays and revealed to a select few until now.

            Did you know that Santa has a favorite song and dance?

                   Well in this first edition beautifully illustrated book “Mr. Holidays Presents The Roof Top Hop”…You will discover a secret about Santa that will wow your imagination as you look at the beautiful illustrations, and read the story. It will Get your toes tapping with songs so catchy you will not be able to stop humming the melodies in your head when you listen to the music and songs from the accompanying CD and dance instructional DVD…

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