Behind “The Roof Top Hop”

When Michael Sheahan pulled out his guitar to sing some holiday jingles for his eight year-old son and his friends, he couldn’t believe when one child yelled out that he didn’t believe in Santa Clause. He stopped his song and simply replied with a smile, “Well I still believe in Santa Clause and it’s okay if other people don’t…but we love Santa Clause in this house!”

Later that night, it wasn’t just the questioning look he saw in his son’s eyes but also a deeply rooted concern for the overall diminishing ‘holiday feeling’ that prompted a serious discussion between Sheahan and his wife.

In an effort to reignite the holiday spirit, Sheahan, retired NYPD detective and accomplished singer/musician, created Mr. Holidays. Mr. Holidays is a loveable character who celebrates the holidays and instills the childhood spirit in us all. And, in his first book, Mr. Holidays Presents The Roof Top Hop, Sheahan reveals a secret about Santa that will have readers and listeners of all ages celebrating the joy of the holiday.

“When I was a child, Christmas was a week-long event. Today, families are lucky if parents can have off on the actual holiday,” says Sheahan. “To me, the holidays have always been a major part of what it means to be an American and I want to remind parents and children alike of the holiday magic that our country celebrates together.”

Mr. Holidays Presents The Roof Top Hop is a charming story that gives away the roof top dance that Santa performs after he comes up the chimney to cool his feet off in the snow. Readers can follow the words of the song, recorded on an accompanying CD and written and performed by Sheahan, as they flip through the colorful illustrated pages by Doug Wright. Even if readers don’t believe in Santa Clause, they’ll be hard pressed not to move to the beat, and sing along to The Roof Top Hop song.

Aside from sharing in the fun of the book and the music, readers are also introduced to Santa’s own Roof Top Hop dance, created and performed by renowned choreographers Michael Balderrama and Jennifer Parsinen. The accompanying DVD not only shows Mr. and Mrs. Clause performing the dance but also teaches viewers the choreography to do The Roof Top Hop on their own!

With Mr. Holidays Presents The Roof Top Hop, readers/listeners/viewers will delight in:


  • Learning Santa Clause’s playful secret that he performs a dance on each rooftop
  • An introduction to Mr. Holidays, the character who celebrates American holidays year-round
  • The luscious colorful illustrations
  • The accompanying holiday CD that features The Roof Top Hop song
  • Seeing Mr. and Mr. Clause dance The Roof Top Hop and learning how to do it on their own
  • You can also read the book on DVD from your computer or car media system
  • From the DVD, download and print out coloring pages for the children to color in
  • Experiencing a shot of holiday spirit that the whole family will enjoy

“I hope Mr. Holidays Presents the Roof Top Hop instills new family traditions and inspires our country to slow down and enjoy the holidays, just like when we were kids,” adds Sheahan.

 by Corinne Liccketto





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